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 Senior Power System Economist and Analyst

 Job Code/ID  MELCO-ELECTRICS-00001 
 Job Title  Senior Power System Economist and Analyst 
 Functional Area  Operation Planning Engineer 
 Experience  1. Above 10 (ten) years experience associated with power utility company or consultants. 2. Must have experience in Power system planning, Economics and electrical system analyst (EPSA). 3. Must have experience in power system economic and planning analysis software application, such as PROMOD, WASP, MAED etc 4. Must have three years of experience, plus one year active participation at a supervisory position. 5. Must have experience in using the software for the transmission and generation economic analysis. 
 Client/Organization  MAGCONSULT - Saudi Elecricity Company 
 About Company/Client  This Position is for a renowned Electric Power Generation company based in Saudi Arabia 
 Education/Qualification  Must have Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. PHD. or M.SC. are also preferable. 
 Job Location  Saudi Arabia 
 Job Open Date  12/8/2013 5:32:10 PM 
 Relevant Skills  The senior power system economist and analysis is responsible to: 1. Prepare power system economic studies to meet the following SEC Planning objectives 2. Develop studies to meet the SEC planning objectives. 3. Meet the load demand Maintain system security standards. 4. Maintain sufficient system adequacy (10% planning generation reserve) Margin equivalent probabilistic reserve 5. Dispose of less-efficient existing generating units 6. Avoid any new simple-cycle projects 7. Convert Existing simple –cycle PPs to combined- cycle of feasibility 8. Operate generation on merit -order and economy dispatch bases. 9. Phase out diesel generating units in the integrated system. 10. Displace diesel generation in isolated system with RE plants. 11. Use existing fuel allocation as, much as possible for new PPs. 12. Minimize the need for new fuel as much as possible 
 Job Description  1. Conduct the economic feasibility studies for the transmission plans. 2. Conduct the economic feasibility for the new generation addition and expansion plans. 3. Conduct the studies of the introduction and coordination of the renewable energy and storage generation. 4. Cash flow, NPV, IRR, Least coast B/C, and other economic analysis skills are required. 5. Assess the economic value of the capital projects and advise an the efficiency of the capital investment program. 6. Excellent ability to work well with multidisciplinary teams to deliver key input for decision by executive management 7. Excellent understanding of the economic and business factors related to the electricity sector. 8. Demonstrated ability to conduct economic analysis of high value capital investment using a range of analytic tools. 
 Other Requirements  1. Strong written and oral communication skills. 2. Able to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear manner to audiences from various professional backgrounds. 3. Ability to navigate through the conflicts and interest of various stakeholders.