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 Functional Area  Oil Industry Support and Services Personnel 
 Experience  08 years experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic, and sample conditioning system and analysers control systems in an oiVgas or petrochemical industry. Working knowledge of English. Years 
 Client/Organization  JEL MAINTENANCE (P) Ltd DUBAI UAE. 
 About Company/Client  One of the leading Multinational Companies, having its HQ in Singapore, having Branches in Gulf and Gulf Operations Office in Dubai, is looking for Oil/Gas Petrochemical Personnel shortly 
 Education/Qualification  Education and Experience Function Description materials, etc. Analyzer Support Completion of Technical Secondary (12 years) years trade Diploma in the respective trade. Technician 
 Job Location  United Arab Emirates 
 Job Open Date  3/15/2019 12:03:04 PM 
 Relevant Skills   Receives work requests and instructions from Supervisor, obtains necessary tools and spare parts and proceeds to worksite to carry out the job. Carries out the instrumentation skilled faultfInding diagnosis and defect repairs of online analyzers and sample conditioning system. Includes checking systems, changing PCBs, reloading/uploading programmer on systems, repairing electronic cards in repair shop, etc. Carries Qut the all type of routine maintenance and servlcmg of instrumentation and associated systems. Includes checking, calibrating, cleaning and testing instrumentation equipment, diagnosis, repair on changing deterring devises fuses and lamps on control panels, or on line equipment checking and calibration of various sensors, safety system, sample conditioning elements and Online Analyzers, etc. Checks 
 Job Description  on line analyzers according to either prescribed schedules or based on defect reports. Includes troubleshooting problems, replacing PCBs, fIlter element, vaporizers, heat trace line, Sample cooler, Pressure regulator, Temperature controller and indicator, PSv, Flowmeter, Heat exchanger, NafIon Dryer element, furnace, and displays and recalibrating equipment upon completion ofthe work. Carried required skill and experience in Chemical handling consisting of buffer, reference liquid standard, and acid and reagent solutions. Carried required skill and experience in Compressed gas cylinder handling consisting of carrier gases, utility and calibration standard. Uses detailed knowledge of Analyzer equipment and tools to effectively carry out analyzer maintenance activities and displays the ability to perform work by identifying and using the proper equipment to accomplish the task at hand. Carries out routine inspection of all instruments, devices and equipment protection ensuring accuracy of operation and performance in regular base. Carries out repair work during shutdown, as instructed. Includes checking, stripping, cleaning, replacing, testing and calibrating equipment. Performs regular routine inspection of all analyzers in the plant. Complies with all safety and fIre rules and regulations, including the use of protective clothing and equipment. Maintains work sites and repair shop in a clean and tidy condition. Carries out other similar or related duties, as assigned. Registers job out and fIlls in necessary records upon completion of job detailing spare parts materials and work force utilized. ADNOC Refining 
 Other Requirements  Client Interviews will be held shortly Short-listings in Progress Contact in person OR apply by Email : For further details Contact (022) 6671 8585 / 6671 8595